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Intelligent Content - Engage your audiences

In order to engange your audiences, you need to deliver relevant, up-to-date and intelligent content. According to Ann Rockley, the author of book Managing Enterprise Content, "Intelligent content is structurally rich and semantically aware, and is therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable. From a digital signage perspective, when you can make your content semantically aware, in other words, tag your content, they can be triggered to display according to events and audience interactions." With intelligent content, digital signage becomes more than just a few passive screens. In an integrated display environment with intelligent content, screens can interact with audiences, screens can also interact with other screens to engage audiences.

Dynasign iAgent

As an integral part of Dynasign Online technoloy, Dynasign iAgent is an intelligent content agent. It allows you to define a set of business rules that link events with tagged content. With Dynasign iAgent, you can develop an integrated display solution that is tailored to the audiences in your unique business environment.

Human to Screen Interaction

We can detect audience interactions (intended or unintended) by using sensors, then intelligently trigger proper content to engage them. Dynasign iAgent is integrated with variuos sensors. It allows you to define a set of business rules to link an event with tagged content. When Dynasign iAgent receives input from a sensor, it will trigger tagged content to engage audience in an integrated display environment.

Screen-to-Screen Interaction

Dynasign iAgent allows you to engage audiences with content on one screen triggered by content playing on another screen. For example, by touching content playing on a small tablet screen can trigger relevant content to play on a large digital signage screen. Weather condition content playing on one digital signage screen can be programmed to trigger other relevant content to play on another digital signage screen.

Intelligent Retail Solution Example